Here's a selection of some of our more interesting sites...

PraxSoft Ltd.

Sample from the PraxSoft Site
A software/consultancy company based in South Yorkshire.

This site uses Dynamic HTML in a step away from the "normal", linear website that's become so prevalent.

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Yorkshire Dance

Sample from the Yorkshire Dance Site
The National Dance Agency for the Yorkshire region

This site makes use of CGI to provide an on-line events list and many forms of feedback.

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Ring O'Bells

Sample from the Ring o'Bells Site
An excellent bar & restaurant up the road from the office.

Designed to complement the feel and quality of the restaurant, this site includes complete menu and wine list, and has been praised for its novel and easy-to-use navigation system.

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Shocked Hippo

Sample from the Shocked Hippo Site
An excercise in what can be achieved with Macromedia Flash 4

Take a new version of Macromedia Flash, add a pinch of W. Heath Robinson, and a teaspoon of original music, and this is what you get!
The file's quite large (like about half a meg), so if you're not on a fast connection you'll need a bit of patience.

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Team MadCamo - Hefty

Sample from the Ring o'Bells Site
A UK RobotWars entry

Created and maintained free of charge, this site carries information about Team MadCamo's Heavyweight robot, Hefty.
The whole site has a tongue-in-cheek feel to it, and contains some... unusual features!

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