Effective web design is a fusion of art and science.
A site can look pretty without being useful to your visitors;
it can also be functional and look entirely unattractive.
At Racing Hippo we've been designing graphical user interfaces for over ten years, so we know what turns users on.
And with the advent of the internet, all that skill has been let loose on the World Wide Web.
We don't mass-produce sites - each one is hand-crafted to suit the client's image and requirements, and each one has something special about it.
No templates. No clipart. Just original work.
When setting out on a design, we first look at the client's competition, and aim to equal or surpass it, budget permitting.
Speaking of budgets... it needn't cost the earth. We can brew up a choice of designs and features tailored to a specific budget. Or you could give us free rein to create the best site in its class!