Q: How much will a web presence cost me?
A: As much as a piece of string is long!
The cost of a presence on the internet depends very much on what you want out of your website.
As with everything else in business, the more you invest in it, the greater your returns are likely to be.

That doesn't mean we'll try to sell you the most expensive option.
All clients are visited by a Racing Hippo Business Analyst, who determines the needs and capabilities of the business before recommending a solution, so you don't spend a fortune on a site and end up with no cash available to expand the company in order to cope with the additional business created by the site...

Alternatively, if you have a specific budget in mind, we can tailor a solution to fit it.
Basic Site
Up to a dozen or so pages, some custom graphics, a little interactivity.
500 - 1,000
Enhanced Presence
20-30 pages, plenty of nice graphics & interactivity, big marketing push.
1,000 - 3,000
Superior Solution
No holds barred. As many pages as needed, server-side applications, loads of graphics & interactivity, Shockwave where appropriate.
3,000 - ??,000