Site Design
We use the latest in internet technology to give our clients interactive, eye-catching, and above all, useful sites. Where possible, we adhere to existing corporate style guides, or as an alternative we can dream up an individual, consistent style to use throughout the site.
All of our sites are pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate around. We utilise any or all of Flash, Dynamic HTML, Javascript, PERL/CGI and Java to achieve user-interactivity and thus keep your visitors interested.
Having said all that, we never lose sight of the lowest common denominator. We strive to make our sites accessible to all by ensuring that they are fully-functional on any browser, with or without fancy plug-ins, and always fast to load.
Getting it known
There's no point having the best warthog-tusk polish site on the web if the world's warthog fanciers don't know you exist.
To start with, we can submit your site to all of the major search engines / portals.
And that doesn't mean using an automated program - each entry is tailored by real human beings to achieve the best placing possible.
Taking things a step further, we can do an exhaustive search of the internet to find all the sites and newsgroups that warthog fanciers hang-out and either post adverts or arrange for links to be added.
And what if your tusk polish is also very good at removing unsightly facial hair? There's no reason why you should limit your site to just one entry/category; if there's a parallel marketing possibility, we'll help you exploit it.
The internet is a dynamic place. And there's no point someone coming back to your site if it's exactly the same every time.
We expect to update a site as your products and services evolve.
We can also freshen up the site as news occurs within the company or in its related fields, or if it simply needs a fresh image.
As an additional service, we can provide detailed statistics about your site:
How many visitors you get each day,
what browser they use,
which pages they accessed,
even how long they spent on each page.
These figures can help you understand the habits of your visitors, and show both you and us which areas need attention and which are worth developing further.
In order to achieve the level of interactivity and dynamic content that we insist on for our clients, it is often necessary to write custom code.
Depending on the requirements of the site, we will use any or all of
CGI (Perl/C/C++)
As new technologies evolve, we evaluate them and add them to our skillset if we feel they will enhance our future products.
Our programming skills are also available for hire on a contract basis.